A clear weather forecast had myself and two friends planning a weekend trip to Mount Rainier National Park. For a long time I've wanted to explore the Tatoosh Range that sits south of Rainier, a range known for its perfect view points of the mountain. The first weekend of April meant there'd still be plenty of snow in the area but we were stoked on it and ready for some snow camping. We left Seattle at 6AM stopping for breakfast and some quick views at Alder Lake on the way. As we reached Paradise Lodge, the sky was clear and The Mountain was showing off all her curves. We started the trek from Paradise through Narada Falls and once we reached Reflection Lake, we headed south up the Tatoosh Range to Pinnacle Saddle. We setup up camp and took in the views and before we knew it, it was already nightfall. I was hypnotized by Rainier, inspecting every crevasse, glacier, shadow, valley. Mountains are by far my favorite place and will always humble me by making me feel so small. Feeling small can put things into perspective.

Humbled by giants.