When spring hits Seattle, it's either to the mountains or to the water. My friend and I took out his paddle board on Lake Washington on a warm sunny day. The waterfront was busy with people enjoying the sunshine with friends and family with plenty of good vibes for all. It's the kind of day where I could sit on the beach and stare off towards the Cascades while at the same time working on my summer tan. While neither of us are professionals by any means when it comes to paddle boarding, we quickly learned the basics and were up off our knees and actually standing! It was a great workout but also super relaxing at the same time. Being out on the open water with the sun shinning down definitely brings a bit of peace to the world, watching the clouds roll by, the birds fly overhead, and people enjoying company on their boats. I remember sitting on the board for a few good minutes with the biggest smile on my face.

Time for some aloe vera.