The Olympic Peninsula is truly magical. It feels like a complete different world giving the ability for a person to experience the thick rain forest of the Hoh, glacier capped peaks of the Olympics, and the rugged beaches of the Olympic Peninsula. The Peninsula is the epitome of the Pacific Northwest. A few friends from Denver came to visit the PNW while making a road trip down to San Francisco where they would catch a flight back to Denver. I wanted to show them the Peninsula because it is a place like none other. We stopped in Port Angeles to obtain our permits for camping on Second Beach in La Push, WA. On the way to the coast we made a pit stop at beautiful Lake Crescent where we ate some lunch and took a late summer swim in the lake. We made our way to the coast via the short 0.7 mile hike from parking lot to Second Beach. Our group was in awe at the perfect weather, jagged rock, and forest that surrounded us as we looked at the Pacific Ocean. We camped overnight building a huge beach fire from scavenged driftwood as we gazed at the Milky Way overhead. In the morning we drove to Forks, WA where we enjoyed breakfast and coffee at a small local diner. We said our goodbyes and reminisced on the past few days in the great PNW.


A trip to Denver and the Rockies is in store.