Towering peaks, pristine lakes, and the open road.

With the first leg of Canada down, we headed to Yoho National Park with the hopes of seeing Emerald Lake and a place to camp. We were quickly brought to reality when we realized a lot of the roads and campgrounds were closed due to winter conditions still lingering in the parks. Life is all about rolling with the punches and not staying to caught up on the "plan". Episode 2 picks up where Episode 1 leaves off, it encompasses our struggles with finding a spot to camp while still being struck in awe at the surrounding beauty Canada offers. 

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I recently watched a series called Seeking Nirvana on Vimeo, the cinematography and editing style were amazing. It follows a group of friends as they adventure through the mountains around British Columbia and South America for ski spots. I highly recommend watching the series, it's captivating just with the scenery alone, however, with the creative editing and color correcting, it definitely sticks with you. That series along with the show Departures were an influence on me wanting to produce this short series on Canada. For the trip, we were able to partner up with some really cool companies (Pabst Blue Ribbon, Forestry Clothing, Oberto's Beef Jerky) and a major shout out to Oros for sponsoring the trip. 

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One thing I've really thought about while creating this series is the difference from capturing the story to creating the story and telling it. I say this in the sense of capturing (actually filming the experience) versus creating/storytelling (the editing process). I think this would be a good topic as a separate post. I hope Episode 2 further inspires people to get out and experience the Canadian Rockies because as I said in my previous post, you really have to experience them for yourself. 


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