There is nothing like the beauty of an alpine lake while being surrounded by snowy peaks. This hike is one of my favorites in the Cascades of Washington. In the summer months there is no better way to cool off than to hike 30 switchbacks to jump in this glacier fed lake. During one of my visits here, I camped overnight with a friend and my dog, Luna. The night sky was lit up by the infinite amount of stars overhead. With plenty of washed up driftwood along the lake shores, we slept good and warm under those stars. We planned on waking up early to get a good start up to Columbia Glacier, the source for the indescribable blue color of Blanca Lake. On the hike up we stopped to see ice caves that were carved out from snow melt. The running water was so clear, it looked like there was no water. Once at the glacier, we were in awe. In awe of everything around us from the glacier carved valley in front of us to the amazing lake basin behind us. Flanked by the snowy peaks of Kyes Peak and Columbia Peak we enjoyed each other's company as we smiled at the beauty all around us.